Amazon Prime Video

Price: $ 120 per year or $ 13 per month for Amazon Prime, including free shipping on all Amazon purchases.

Compatible devices: most of the major decoder decoder boxes, including Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, as well as most game consoles, tablets and smartphones, with the exception of Chromecast.

For whom? For frequent Amazon buyers and those interested in the award-winning original service series.

Amazon started selling books online and is now the market leader on the internet. A few years ago, the company entered the media streaming market with Prime Video. The two-day free shipping is also included. So if you are one of those who buy a lot of things from Amazon, access to visual entertainment is an added value.

Amazon’s streaming service began as a pay-per-view service, but was expanded with a large video-on-demand streaming library for Prime subscribers. The company has used its influence in the industry to collaborate with companies such as Epix, Warner Bros. and HBO, and to make exclusive series, including The Grand Tour, The Man in the High Castle, The Tick and The Marvelous Mrs .. Maisel.

With Amazon, you have almost everything at your fingertips, whether it’s streaming content, movies and pay-per-view programs, or digital copies that you can buy and own. Unlike Netflix, Amazon 4K Ultra HD and HDR content is free.