The best websites and services for streaming and online TV

The most successful series of all time, exclusive films and even funny videos. With the growing market for streaming services you will find almost everything you need and the best within reach with one click. The time has passed when you had to visit a store to buy or rent a movie. There are so […]

Amazon Prime Video

Price: $ 120 per year or $ 13 per month for Amazon Prime, including free shipping on all Amazon purchases. Compatible devices: most of the major decoder decoder boxes, including Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, as well as most game consoles, tablets and smartphones, with the exception of Chromecast. For whom? For frequent […]


Price: $ 8 per month with ads, $ 12 per month without ads, $ 40 per month for live TV and on-demand. Compatible devices: almost all decoders, televisions, smartphones, game consoles or internet tablets. For whom? For those who want to watch current TV shows, as well as some original series, or for those who […]


Price: free for content uploaded by the user; $ 1 to $ 3 to borrow movies; 10 to 20 dollars to buy them. YouTube Premium: $ 12 per month, allows ads without ads and features such as downloading videos for offline viewing. YouTube TV: $ 40 per month for live TV broadcasts as an alternative […]

Google Play & iTunes

Price: film distribution: $ 5 for standard resolution, $ 6 for HD. Buy movies: 10 to 20 dollars in HD. TV shows: from $ 2 to $ 3 per episode, with discounts for whole seasons. Compatible devices: Android and mobile iOS, smart TVs with Android TV, Chromecast, Roku and even Apple TV devices (streaming from […]