Price: $ 8 per month with ads, $ 12 per month without ads, $ 40 per month for live TV and on-demand.

Compatible devices: almost all decoders, televisions, smartphones, game consoles or internet tablets.

For whom? For those who want to watch current TV shows, as well as some original series, or for those who want to cut the cable and stay up to date with the latest programs, news and sports information.

Hulu was founded in 2007 as a joint venture of experienced media NBC Universal, Fox Broadcasting and Disney / ABC. Originally, the streaming service was completely free, but after winning a significant number of followers, it launched a subscription-based version. In 2016, Hulu switched to a fully subscription-based model and since then he has made his own originals such as The Path, Futureman and Runaways to track the streaming race and find the crown jewel in the story of The Handmaid

Although Hulu has a modest selection of films, no other streaming service can match the library of recent TV programs. Apart from the original series, the Netflix and Amazon platforms usually do not offer TV broadcasts until after the end of the season, or even when they have completely disappeared.

On the contrary, Hulu not only has a solid list of older series and programs, but also releases new episodes of programs that are currently being broadcast only a few days (and sometimes hours) after broadcast. The only drawback is that you still have to see advertisements unless you pay for the premium service that we recommend.

Hulu certainly had some success in terms of original content, but you don’t hear as many people talking about obsessively watching The Path in the same crazy career as Stranger Things of Game of Thrones. Like Netflix and Amazon, Hulu also offers 4K content, although it has not yet broadcast any of its HDR programs.