The best websites and services for streaming and online TV

The most successful series of all time, exclusive films and even funny videos. With the growing market for streaming services you will find almost everything you need and the best within reach with one click. The time has passed when you had to visit a store to buy or rent a movie. There are so many alternatives available that it can be difficult to choose the one that best suits you. To facilitate your search, we have put together the best streaming websites and services that offer films and TV shows in one place. In addition, we quote prices, compatible devices and all details to help you decide what the perfect alternative is for you.


Price $ 8 per month for one screen with standard resolution, $ 11 per month for two HD screens, $ 14 per month for four 4K Ultra HD screens, including selected High Dynamic Range (HDR) titles. and audio Dolby Atmos

Compatible devices: almost everything, from game consoles and transfer boxes to smart TVs, computers, tablets and smartphones. Almost all devices and app stores have a Netflix application that is even used as a hot key on most modern TV remote controls.

For whom? For fans of the growing library of original Netflix content, for those who want to watch successful television shows in recent seasons, and, to a lesser extent, for those who want to watch new and old popular movies.

We start with the obvious. Even if you’ve lived in a cave for the past ten years, Netflix has probably delivered a DVD to your brick mailbox in a red envelope. That is exactly how the company started in 1997, but quickly adjusted its business model to focus more on direct streaming content. Since then, the company has been king of the flowing jungle.