Price: free for content uploaded by the user; $ 1 to $ 3 to borrow movies; 10 to 20 dollars to buy them. YouTube Premium: $ 12 per month, allows ads without ads and features such as downloading videos for offline viewing. YouTube TV: $ 40 per month for live TV broadcasts as an alternative to cable.

Compatible devices: almost every device with a screen that can be connected to the internet.

For whom? For those who are looking for a less traditional visual experience.

On YouTube there is almost everything that is legal and probably not – from famous or notorious challenges or challenges to old films and documentaries. Of course there are many crazy and frankly weird things, but the site also has a healthy library with free movies and pay-per-view. More recently, the service has used friendlier streaming methods, including YouTube Premium and YouTube TV, the live TV streaming service for those who want to leave the traditional cable company.

On evenings when you are not sure what you want to see, you can easily search for a topic. No matter how large the Netflix, Hulu and Amazon libraries are, they will never have compilations of trampoline or bicycle accidents or countless videos of kittens, puppies and other funny pets. For these and other reasons, YouTube will always enjoy a spot in the attention of most people, and it will also reach a place in our list of video streaming platforms.